Infrastructure and Identity

architects Svebor Andrijević, Jasna Zmaić
project Water Reservoir Zabok, Zabok, Hrvatska
written by Mia Roth Čerina


In the local history of infrastructure buildings, there are few talents whose architectural ambition stands equal to usefulness—let us mention Denzler, Krstulović, Gotovac, Šosterič. The genealogy is enriched by the recently completed project of the water reservoir complex in Zabok by the authors Svebor Andrijević and Jasna Zmaić. However, it is also an exception thanks to its unusual program, a kind of added value, inspired by the ambition of the client. The intent of the management of Zagorski vodovod (Zagorje Water Company) was to add the program moment to the county water reservoirs, which is at first glance contradictory to an infrastructural facility of primary importance—a public space. The authors took this intent as the starting premise and incorporated it into all aspects of the project. They upgraded it by permeating the water reservoir urbanistically, visually, and programmatically with the immediate and wider environment with which it organically coalesces, while leaving the primary role eloquent.