Transformation as Confirmation of Continuity

architect Nenad Fabijanić
project Apartment/Atelier in the Laginjina Building of Ivan Vitić, Zagreb, Croatia
written by Vera Grimmer


To intervene, even in the interior of the most popular architectural icon, is a daring act, potentially exposed to possible critical reactions. An intervention into the substance of a valuable heritage can also become an inspirational dialogue as is the one Nenad Fabijanić engaged in by remodeling one apartment in a prominent building of Croatian high modernism—Vitić's residential building in Laginjina Street in Zagreb. At the beginning of Fabijanić's architectural journey, Ivo Vitić was his role model and mentor in their friendly relationship, and, besides the artists Ivo Šebalj and Josip Vaništa, he was, without any doubt, a person that influenced the formation of Fabijanić's personal creativity.