Geometry of the City

arhitect Francisco Mangado
project Congress Centre and Hotel, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

The convention centre of Palma de Mallorca stands on a long narrow tract of land (450 meters in length with a maximum width of 50 meters) and faces the sea in a southwest direction. It is located on the way into the city from the airport. Thus, the building takes on the role of marking one’s arrival into the city, and this is further emphasized by a surprise welcome by the sea and a splendid promenade—a major urban space that structures the city longitudinally.

One condition worth highlighting is the central location of the place. The sea promenade makes it possible to get to the convention centre on foot, and it is easily accessible by public transport from all parts of the city.
The programme includes several convention and concert halls, the largest one with a capacity of 2000 seats, plus exhibition areas, a hotel, restaurants, underground parking, and a range of services necessary to complete a 60,000-square-meter facility.