Sequences of Nature

architects Monochrome arhitekti
project Villa Jenny, Cantos de Cima Melides, Grandola, Portugal

The site is located by the Atlantic Ocean. The Alentejo region, which is 120 km south of Lisbon is renowned for its Reserva Natural do Estuário do Sado natural reserve with its rich biodiversity, Roman archaeological sites and endless sandy beaches.

The estate is secluded. It is situated in an exceptional landscape configuration and covers 10 hectares. Sand dunes created by wind offer a view of nature far from urban life, authentic and raw. The rich light interacting with the environment brings out special colours in the sand, vegetation and water that change throughout the day and seasons, creating a sense of infinity and openness. Eucalyptus, cork and pine trees create a rhythm of the primary verticals in this beautiful, flat landscape, while the wind and waves join forces to create an aural rhythm. The pliable sand and bushy vegetation tie the separate elements into a strong whole.