A Stepping Stone

architects Tadej Glažar, Jurij Kobe, Janez Koželj,  Aleš Vodopivec
project F3 Residential Building, Brdo, Ljubljana, Slovenia
written by Jure Grohar
The idea of the object that this text deals with is a decade and a half old, and represents a long incubation period during which the programme task, the requirements and the expectations of the client, as well as the economic situation have changed. These are all the parameters that have significantly affected the completed project.
The starting point for building the so-called model apartment block dates back to 2003, to the time when European architecture was under a strong influence of the SuperDutch phenomenon, which also had a considerable impact in Slovenia. In addition to the numerous Slovenian quality architectural realizations of family houses and public buildings, which were also recognized overseas, truly innovative architectural solutions in the area of apartment buildings construction were missing. By that, we mean the architecture that would match new living typologies with new lifestyles and different financial capabilities of users.