Earthly Form of the Divine

architectural office Boris Podrecca Architekten
project Pentecostal Parish Complex, Milano, Italija
written by Marco Maretto

When we take into account that the term ‘sacred’ comes from the Indo-European language with the meaning ‘separate’, it immediately became clear that the task of the architectural project was, on the one hand, to ensure the separation and contact of the two ‘separate’ spheres - one divine, the otherworldly, and, on the other hand, not to mix up the profane with the unavailability of the sacred, that is, with the inverting of the spiritual order. 
It is a very complex subject that cannot always be reduced to a design strategy that would be only functional. Still, with a sacral building in the middle of a widespread and multilateral terrain, there is an attempt to give it a physical and terrestrial shape.
Boris Podrecca