A Series of Dinamic Views

authors Dino Krizmanić, Leonid Zuban
project Navela Business Centre, Pula, Croatia


Navela Company assigned their project team with a clear task. After 25 years of the successful business of distributing globally recognised brands of ship engines and equipment, their business activity and warehouse management were to be integrated into a business centre. The building was to be modern, with straight lines and recognisable identity, efficiently laid but not limiting internal and external communication lines. New Navela business centre is located on a regular square plot in Pula industrial zone, easily accessible from the city centre, highway and the nearby airport.
The anonymity of the site at the edge of town is additionally confirmed by its position on the intersection of secondary roads, underneath a power line. In the north, the access to the site is provided from a public road. Transport communication within the site is solved with an internal circulation surface next to its eastern perimeter.
The theme of an industrial building in an industrial zone is reinterpreted using smaller archetypal volumes. An ensemble of five basic volumes, whose spatial relations and constant changes of perspective create a series of dynamic views along the building’s façade, give the project its three-dimensional form. Rhythmic sequencing of black volumes creates a spatial whole with a clear line between the interior and exterior space along the site perimeter. This allowed the fragmentation of scale and the creation of a spatial relation between the scale of the user and that of the industrial building.