Home improvements

written by Fabrizio Gallanti


Due to the lack of any medical certainty on how to defeat the coronavirus, or at least the idea of diminishing its deadly impact, the majority of governments across the planet have resorted to different measures of containment, reducing the mobility of citizens and asking them to spend as much time as possible at home. The radius of people’s actions has shrunk immensely, especially for the ones who could afford to respect the new regulations, i.e. the ones already living in a house, whether as owners or tenants, and not having to go out for work, and therefore literally risk their health.
That sudden imposition of mild forms of home imprisonment, which we can agree are nevertheless the manifestation of extreme privileges, for instance, having running water and soap just to wash hands is not a common feature in many places, is felt across the globe and has generated innumerable consequences. For instance, a lot of intellectual speculation is being produced, perhaps as an indirect consequence of such unprecedented stillness, and quickly disseminated online. Many have started to speculate about the future of humanity (after and post) varying between insufferable pomposity, or instead illuminating empathy, but maybe, focusing on the present and the intricacies of the minute by minute actions that now take place within the restricted perimeter of the house, could be a more productive exercise for the field of architecture.