Architecture of Respect

architect Jordi Badia
project VV House, Barcelona, Spain
written by Jaume Prat


The Torre Cervantes is more than a complex of family housing premises or a classical housing project. It rises lonely as one of the last buildings in Barcelona, somewhat away from the western part of the Avenide Diagonal, one of the largest and most important avenues in the city today. As the building, the park with the same name is also the work of the architect Antoni Boneto Castellan and offers a pleasant view of the environment. All this was finished in 1966.


There are two apartments on each floor in the skyscraper, except the top floor, where there is only one. Each apartment overlooks the sea. Due to its position, the view includes 270º of the cityscape. The structure of the building is complex, organized in four zones parallel with the sea.