Between Tradition and Contemporaneity

architects Aleksandra Duka, Vedran pedišić
project House GV-17, Sv. Martin na Muri, Croatia
written by Robert Jonathan Loher


The vacation house in Sveti Martin na Muri is a part of the complex of vacation houses of similar typology in the immediate vicinity of the Spa & Sport Resort Sveti Martin. It was designed as a small satellite complex to a very popular swimming pool and hotel resort. The typology of small houses extends in three rows on a mild slope among vineyards. Although the typology of other houses is also the work of the same authors, the true author-signature is visible only in the GV-17 House. The typology of the small houses with the inverted upper part, whose shape reminds of traditional construction, is giving rhythm to the street.


The GV-17 House is situated closer to the top of the slope. The northern part of the terrain was cut into in order to place the rectangle-shaped ground floor could, and the space between the retaining wall and the house is the service area with the entrance and parking space. The interior of the ground floor is gently sloping to the west, increasing the height to the living room. The ground floor follows the contour lines of the original terrain and the volume of the floor is vertical to the terrain. The hinge of the building includes communication area – the staircase on the ground floor – and the living quarters serving as a lobby (also leading to the two bedrooms on the first floor). Rotation enabled the terrace on the first floor and two covered areas on the ground floor: the northern one for the entry and the southern one for barbecue area on the terrace.