Design is a Way of Thinking

author Boris Ljubičić
interviewed by Marko Golub


Interviewed in Zagreb 4 Feburary 2014


With a distinctive charisma, polemical and impressively agile and working with the same zeal at 45, Boris Ljubičić is one of the most present designers, in his field and in the wider population. To describe Ljubičić's still growing oeuvre in a few sentences would primarily imply drawing attention to a large number of visual identities we see in our everyday life; either of state institutions or from the field of tourism, culture, media, economy and sports. The problem of identity in the centre of Ljubičić's ideas, especially in the life project of the visual identity of Croatia, and the deep awareness of the responsibility of his own position as a designer, which is reflected in his works, possibly defines Ljubičić's importance in the local and the international cultural scene.