House Embedded in the Landscape

architects Studio 3LHD
project Family House, Dubrovnik, Croatia


The V2 House is located in Dubrovnik, in the urbanized area of Lozice. In an attractive location close to the sea, determined by steep topography consisting of retaining walls, terraces and staircases, an existing unsuitable house has been replaced by a new one. In keeping with a long tradition of the Mediterranean transformation and cultivation of nature and overcoming of doc (a local term for depression: a smaller arable land area), stone walls and altitude differences were used as the basis for laying new topographic layers in the horizontal and vertical direction. The horizontal, gently undulating roof plate follows the internal structure of the building and also defines the body of the house whose geometry has been incorporated into the landscape.The simple geometric forms of the house with their materials and white stone facades are in accordance with but also in contrast to the drywall.