Respect for the Location as a Starting Point

architects Francisco Cifuentes / Francisco Cifuentes, Pedro Vaquer
projects Family House, Bunyola, Spain / Painter's workshop, Palma, Spain


The project stems from the decision to make a water tank for collecting water falling from the roof. That circumstance was used as “an excuse” to build a new workshop. Unlike the existing studio which overlooks Mallorca’s fields, the new one will have a view of the nearest surroundings. The plot is situated in the outskirts of Palma city. It is surrounded by massive constructions typical for the 20th-century urban environment.


The plot indicates where the new study should be placed. The best place is near the cypress wall facing north, which would protect the building from the wind. At the same time the new studio should leave as much space as possible on the southern side for gardening. Last but not least, the location of the studio should enable free circulation between the well and the main house for collection of water.