Lowe Avanta Agency - Content Squared

architects Bevk Perović arhitekti
project Avanta Agency, Ljubljana, Slovenia
written by Matej Blenkuš

How is one to give shape to a working and creative space, filled with visible evidence of intensive work – of half-opened folders, post-it notes on monitors, cell phones and bottles of Coca-Cola strewn around, life-style magazines that are spread out, a sweater hanging here, someone lying down over there, someone calmly smoking on the balcony and looking over into the neighbouring garden, someone else nervously pacing up and down the room muttering magic words – commotion, polyphony of tones, shapes, colour, character, people and work – how then to produce a workspace such that the tumultuous pulse of a marketing agency will not run over it? The answer, at first glance, is not at all simple, for the  agency is already in itself a form, which creates forms through its own shaping – it has an identity, which cannot be tamed, overruled or simply substituted for by architecture alone. Marketing is a product and process, a character that produces and a character that is. What marketing does is what marketing is – and where can architecture be placed here then, when in fact the entire space is already filled with content and form?