Architecture Ought to Go Back to Usefulness

architects Veljko Olujić, Tonči Žarnić
interviewed by Ante Nikša Bilić, Vera Grimmer, Goran Rako


Interviewed in Zagreb, October 30th 2004


ORIS: We will start with the problem that as educators and socially involved citizens you probably think about and have your own view about: what is the position of a socially involved architect with ethical instincts and ideas in Croatia now and in the society in general? Isn’t such an architect, who follows his instincts and tastes, stuck in a tragicomic, quixotic situation?


Žarnić: If you take a look at architectural developments in the second half of the twentieth century, you can see that late modernism was followed by a period fascinated by history. This was the basis of the 70s and 80s. On the other hand, the 90s and our time are fascinated by today’s speed. I believe the time is ripe for a change. Architects must deal with the future. Looking into the future, I think that creation in general, and especially architectural creation, is impossible without a world view, whatever that means. Therefore, since a world view can’t be inherited from other disciplines or political, cultural or philosophical sources, architecture can help with its critical discourse. I believe that this is what architects, and architecture as a discipline and an aspect of civilization, have to put into effect.