Kolizej Area Competition

project Kolizej Area Competition, Ljubljana, Slovenia
written by Boris Podrecca


The competition coincided with the admission of Slovenia into the European Union. The outcome and the exhibition of project proposals gave rise to a heated controversy among Slovene architects. Eventually this has led to everyday media encounters and has now reached a cultural-political meta-level, which is no surprise. This in every sense high-standard competition has inevitably rubbed salt oin the wounds of the smug Ljubljana architectural scene by raising the following issues:


– Can the city centre accommodate virile new projects?


– How to treat the crown of the city and its skyline, and what scale to use.


– How to increase public awareness and how to challenge the idea of the city gate on the Ljubljana ring.


– How to stop the trend towards the displacement of urban functions, services, and entertainment to the outskirts (e.g. the BTC shopping centre) and the consequent emptying of the city’s parterre.