Less is More

architects Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič
projekt Family House, Ljubljana, Slovenia
writen by Miha Dešman


The XXS family house (eXtra-eXtra-Small) is situated in the centre of Krakovo, an enclosed relic of rural tissue in the urban heart of the city of Ljubljana. The dense grid of streets with gabled family houses creates an image of a fairytale place where time has stopped still. There in the backyards of the houses, outbuildings and vegetable gardens look as if they were tended by ancient families who fish or garden. Of course, the reality is different. Bought by wealthy owners, most houses have become urban homes. Since the area is a protected zone, the houses have been decorated with pseudo-historic elements such as (thermopan) window brass cross glazing bars, coloured eaves and plain tiles on the roof. This idyllic image would be perfect if there were not a few aberrations to spoil it, such as the houses sticking out either in height or in (dis)colouration (to black).