From Books to Comics and Back

author Andrija Maurović
written by Darko Glavan


This text has two basic intentions. The first and most important is to disprove widespread misconceptions that Andrija Maurović was an eccentric and outstanding talent with an incomplete education, who is remembered by the public more for his erotomaniac inclinations and exaggerations of his “healthy” lifestyle in his old age than for his decades-long creative participation in Croatia’s cultural life. The second intention pertains more to the editor’s (justifiable) demand that this text, although prompted by this year’s exhibition “Andrija Maurović – The Known and The Unknown,” serve as more than just a summary or derivative of a text from a catalogue or some other previously published discussion. Since I have written about Maurović’s work several times during the last thirty or so years (I did a fairy long interview with him for Start magazine in 1975), it was not easy for me to find completely new content or a new aspect of his oeuvre.