Her Shape of Things

author Danijela Grgić
written by Barbara Predan


The form is the outer expression of the inner content. Therefore one should not make a deity of form. And one should fight for the form only insofar as it can serve as a means of expression of the inner resonance. Therefore one should not seek salvation in one form. Since the form is only an expression of the content … there can be many different forms at the same time which are equally good.
Wassily Kandinsky, Painters on Painting, excerpts from the essay “The issue of Form in Visual Arts”


In writing, the forms of interpretation also can vary. The form of the haiku is a special challenge, of which Danijela Grgić, a graphic designer and one of the rare inland specialists in theatre brochures, wrote the following: “Haiku is honouring the moment in nature, unforgettable in time prior to and after it. This is the idea behind a theatre brochure set in a season, in a decade or an even longer period of time. The change, based on things past, which does not neglect the idea. It respects the content, words...”