Honour for the Lake Shore

architect Hans Kupelwieser
project Stage on Lake, lake Lunz Am See, Austria
written by Jan Tabor


Jazz musicians are the migratory birds of today. They are constantly looking for a nest for their music playing. It is no surprise that musicians, who have already played in Lunz am See, gladly come back there. When I saw the lake, the surrounding hills, the trees on the shore and a stage on waves – at first only in colour photographs – I remembered a sentence by the American philosopher and anarchist Henry David Thoreau: “To birds, the whole tree is a vestibule of their nest. The nest, on the tree, does the honor to the tree.” 


The pictures showed clearly: for the artist on stage, the whole lake is a vestibule and the stage on the lake does the honor to the entire lake and its shore. The lakeside with its stage does the honor to the place which gave its name to the lake: Lunz am See.