On Not Accepting the Possibilities

architect Nenad Fabijanić
project The Central Square - Trg slobode, Trg Venecija and Pod urom street, Umag, Croatia
written by Vera Grimmer


The main square in Umag has been rather a problem for this tourism-oriented town for quite a long time. There used to be a bus station formerly, and the square was “adorned” by a petrol station and rather inhospitable bars and restaurants. The bus station was later moved to the edge of town, but it did not make the square more attractive. However, in 2001 the Umag city government opened an architectural competition for “an architectural and urbanistic project”, the goal of which would be a “high quality functional and visual solution for the main town square as a town centre with special integrative functions in a new millennium”. The jury could not vote for one project, but awarded two second prizes to architects from Zagreb: the Hrabak-Silađin team and Nenad Fabijanić. The realization was entrusted to the latter because his competition work has already been dealing in great detail with the shaping of the square.