Radical And Subtle

architects skupina Kras/ Marko M. Dekleva, Matjaž Garzarolli, Vojteh Ravnikar, Egon Vatovec
project Post-office and Store Building, Vremski Britof, Slovenia
written by Tomaž Brate


“Nor this time has the jury been looking for works suitable to reward among the splendid and finished architectural realizations that were submitted. Instead, it strived to find a realization which suggests a solution to heterogeneous sidetracks of contemporary architecture. The solution it found is in its modesty and volume almost anonymous and perhaps incomplete, but no doubt in a brave way expressing some, architecturally immanent concept which might act as a direction to the right choice. That architectural solution is the village shop and post office building in Vremski Britof, in the centre of the Vrem Valley.”