architects ifdesign
project Redevelopment of the Historic Sport's Course for Cycling Muro di Sormano (Wall of Sormano), Sormano, Italy
written by Helena Sterpin


Wall – a vertical building element made of solid material regardless of the construction method used.


The answer to the question why the walking/cycling road in Sormano was named “the wall” by sports fans can be found in the features of the site. The project entails a historical road connecting the small town of Sormano to the hill top of Colma; climbing from 827 metres to 1107 metres above sea level, i.e. there is a 280 m difference in altitude over a 1.65 km long road. The average grade is 16.47%, while the steepest parts could be as much as a 30% grade. Cycling professionals and amateurs will recognize the difficulty level of this road straight away and the challenge it poses to a cyclist.