About the City (Or My Venice)

written by Tomislav Pavelić


But, I’d like to be there on 14th December without a particular plan, because I have long ceased to be concerned by the future, and have become increasingly attracted to places that resemble some sort of beginning, in any case the sort where grief has the power of fate. In short, I do not care where we are going, and I’m just interested in where we came from.

Andrzej Stasiuk: On the Road to Babadag, Rasinari; Faktura, Zaprešić 2010

When we speak of ourselves as beings crucially determined by civilization, we are actually talking about the city. When we are talking about the city, we are talking about the specific interrelationship of people and the physical (and mental) construct that promotes, provides or, conversely, prevents certain forms of behaviour and activity.