Buildings in Motion

architects Jelena Skorup, Dražen Juračić
project The Serbian Orthodox High School and Spiritual Centre, Zagreb, Croatia
written by Alan Kostrenčić


I’m walking a line
Visiting houses in motion…

Two different houses surround you, ʼround you
I’m walking a line
Divide and dissolve…

Talking Heads – Houses in Motion[1]



In his Six Proposals for the Next Millennium[2] Italo Calvino writes about the ‘endless rain of images’, indicating the fact that today’s culture is primarily a ‘culture of images’. Today’s architecture is the same, not only through its representation in the media (from magazines and books to electronic media), but also through its thinking, today mostly reduced to images. However, if we really want to talk about ‘architecture’, it only exists in motion as the experience of physical reality. Architecture is a temporal experience revealing itself through spatial sequences and their interrelations, experienced in motion and use. 

[1] Talking Heads, Remain in Light album, 1980

[2] Italo Calvino: American Lectures – Six Proposals for the Next Millennium, Ceres, Zagreb, 2002