Ideal for Large Choirs

architects Elke Delugan Meissl, Martin Josst, Dietmar Feistel, Roman Delugan
project Festival Hall of the Tyrolean festival Erl, Erl, Austria
written by Isabella Marboe


A passion for religion, art and theatre has been ruling over Erl for 400 years. The Erl Festival has been held since 1997. Delugan Meissl Associated Architects (DMAA) designed the perfect envelope for it: a house arising from the slope like a piece of black origami to create a coherent response to the white building of the Passion Plays by architect Robert Schuller from 1959.


Erl is a village in the Tyrolean mountains with approximately 1500 inhabitants and many cows and meadows. But it is primarily a mystical and magical place. The Passion Plays held there celebrate their 400th birthday this year, and some 600 amateur actors participate every sixth year to show the Passion of Christ with great enthusiasm.