Tuhelj Blur

architects Tomislav Vreš, Marin Mikelić
project Hotel Well, Terme Tuhelj, Croatia
written by Robert J. Loher


There is a new notion called spatial planning (Raumplanung), meaning the new state of Earth, the planned state, as well as the new art of planning and preparing the Earth, treating landscape as space.

Rudolf Schwarz, Von der Bebauung der Erde (On Planning the Earth)


Planning versus chaos. These short words could also mean the intervention – as I will call it to start with – by Marin Mikelić and Tomislav Vreš in the Tuhelj spa.


Discipline instead of proving. A more careful reader of spaces may recognize the various temporal origins of individual buildings within the Tuhelj spa complex. From the old swimming pool around the corner, Mihanović Castle as the centre, hotel pavilions from the 1980s to the swimming pool complex by the Slovenian architectural office Enota.