Azure Painted Blue

exhibition "The Sea" of Gallery "Arteria" , Zagreb-Moscow-Prague
written by Tonko Maroević


The sea is not the motif. The sea is the element, at least one of those four basic, Greek, pre-Socrates elements. If it is nominally smaller than water (because water includes also rivers, streams, lakes) it is actually also greater than water, because in its colour, its reflection, in its surface and depth, it seems as if it had sucked in all the air from above. It is not possible to present such comprehensiveness merely visually, but nor can it be presented in a tactile, audio, olfactory manner, not even synaestesically. However, eye, as a privileged organ of sense brings us closest to the vast spaces and indented coasts of the untame­a­ble, irreducible, irreplaceable element, from whose origin most probably the movement of life had begun.