"Deux Amis" Tug-Boat

architects Lada Hršak & Marcel Musch
project Interior of the Tug-Boat, Amsterdam, Netherlands
written by Lada Hršak


The tug-boat (river cargo boat with flat bottom) dating from 1952. is still navigable and that was one of the main reasons that the young lawyers (the investors) decided to convert it into habitable space. 


A mobile, water-bound, home gives them a possibility of moving it to another river town, of visits to friends or of vacations on the Northern France canals. 


Therefore, the network of the Northern Europe canals and rivers makes for this water-bound site. 


The former cargo space of the boat’s hulk is where the intervention takes place. The level of the intervention is consequently under-water that automatically includes the theme of light. There are no side windows and the soft aquarium effect is achieved by exclusively zenithal light.