Liquidity and Firmness

architect Nenad Fabijanić
project Interior, Ghetaldus, Zagreb, Croatia
written by Vera Grimmer


The buildings which in the place where they stand develop a distinctive presence, posses an inner tension that surpasses the place itself. They create their own place and, at the same time, they are witnesses of the world.

Peter Zumthor: About passion for things


There exist places in town which represent a focal point of its urbanity but also cross-points of the architectural culture of a certain period. The corner of streets Bogovićeva and Gajeva, is certainly a place of such an urban charge. The 1932-33 building, a part of “Zakladni blok” (Endowment block), an important point of the Zagreb Moderna (Modern movement) stands in immediate vicinity of architectural icons of the thirties: the Napredak building by Planić and the Schell house by Lubinsky. The englazed ground-floor of the building has always functioned as a shop and part of it as opticians.