Lobster Basin Molo Bonda

architect Ante Mardešić & Andrej Stanojević
project Restaurant and Lobster Basin, Komiža - The Island of Vis, Croatia
written by Nenad Kondža


We saw a sailor in front of a pub.
He was drinking beer from a particularly big mug
He was sitting facing us all,
even the waitress loved him.
He was telling us
that he carried his house always with him
and was showing us a blue tattooed house
by opening his shirt at the chest.

(“A Sailor” by Ivan Slamnig)


“Space, and especially the space of an island is not limitless” and it is necessary “to sustain the continuity of human activities on the islands where almost every inch shows traces of human existence, where the ruins of prehistoric”gradine” (castles) and groups of stone heaps stand witnessing that there has been organised life from time immemorial”*, where some buildings await their designers, because they carry the drawings of them,just as the sailor carries his house.