The Korana House

architect Željko Vukušić
project Country House, Pinezići - The Island of Krk, Croatia
written by Berislav Valušek


In a small village of Pinezići on the island of Krk, a for our circumstances very strange and unusual complex of four houses (one of them aspiring to be a villa), summer-time kitchen and polyvalent playground, with a pool in front of the most representative object, was built during the year 1998 (design 1997). In all its elements Pinezići is a typical seaside (Krk) village, with a relatively great number of preserved, autochthonic examples of seaside architecture, and with an even greater number of family and holiday houses whose architectonics is reduced to uncreative “building”, i.e. most elementary erection, lacking any creative achievements or intentions. This is the environment in which the Rijeka architect Željko Vukušić, and the investor found themselves; the investor, who had enough money, open-mindedness, and even courage to accept for this climate very unusual architecture, and to let the architect (again, in our circumstances) an almost unbelievable freedom of expression (a sociological – psychological study focusing on the relation between the amount of money and the lack of taste would be more than welcome).