Venice Trio

architect Boris Podrecca
projects Museum of Modern Art Ca' Pesaro, Venice, Italy
                Housing Giudecca, Venice, Italy
                Venice Arsenale for the Triennale di Architettura, Milano, Italy
written by Vera Grimmer


Contradictory Venice complex, since Thomas Mann marked by odium of Thanatos, despite all evil predictions, is still greatly fascinating. Through the Dubrovnik Renaissance literature folio printed in Venice printing-works, through Meldola-Medulić who had gained his place in the Mannerism painting right here in Venice, through Juraj Dalmati­nac and his part in the design of the Ducal Palace, through Scuola Dalmata, where even today the plates with the names of the Croatian brotherhood members are still on the pews of the chapel whose Carpaccio paintings are inevitable station of the Venice parcours an, in the end, through the historical folio with change of antagonism and domination, Venice has stayed until our days a permanent reference of the Croatian cultural circle as well.