photographer Tanja Deman
written by Branka Benčić


Software, Imagination and Collision of Architectural Elements in Tanja Deman’s Photomontages 


Of all visual media, photography has always best depicted reality, and its expression was a document, an image taken from the flow of time and three-dimensional space to create a parallel, duplicated world – the stopped, framed picture[i]. Baudrillard reminds us of the perverse relationship between an image and its reference, supposedly real, of the virtual and reversible confusion of the field of the image and the field of reality whose principles we understand even less[ii].

[i] Kate Bush: Recent Developments in British Photography and Video. ‘Reality Check’ exhibition catalogue, Moderna Galerija Ljubljana, publ. by the British Council, 2002

[ii] Jean Baudrillard: ‘Onkraj istinitog i lažnog ili zloduh slike’ in J.B: Simulacija i zbilja, Naklada Jesenski i Turk / Hrvatsko sociološko društvo, Zagreb, 2001