DAZ - excursion to Sarajevo


Zagreb Architects Society (DAZ) is pleased to invite their members and friends to a field trip to Days of Architecture in Sarajevo! Registrations are still open and the deadline is 30 April! 
In the beautiful Sarajevo, the colleagues of the Association of Architects in Bosnia and Herzegovina are organizing the Days of Architecture where we are cordially invited, and where they will also show us the valuable architecture realizations in Sarajevo. The three days program will include a bus trip, during which we can exchange thoughts and experiences in our daily practices. We will stay in a hotel in the center of the city from which every part of Sarajevo will be within reach. Not only the members from DAZ are invited, but also everyone who is interested in architecture.  
The trip will be held from 25 to 27 May and the registrations are accepted until there are no more vacancies. 
You can send your registration at  info@travelino.hr or by telephone number 01/553 1464.
More about the trip and the programme see here.