Design District Zagreb 2018



14 – 17 June 2018
6 April 2018, Zagreb – Local Pathways is the central topic and the programmatic cornerstone of the third edition of Design District Zagreb (DDZ), a vibrant interdisciplinary, multimedia, open-air festival to be held in the period between 14 and 17 June at the so-called Martićeva zone, already recognized as the most creative district in Zagreb. During the four festival days, a number of both exterior and interior exhibitions will be organised along with installations and interventions in public space, professionally guided tours of architectural landmarks in the district, workshops, talks and round tables, book fair and literary and musical evenings. 
Instead of merely celebrating creativity as an isolated category inherent only to artists, the programme of Design District Zagreb is intended to inspire creativity among people who live in the district as well as numerous visitors of all ages. In the context of what is needed, beautiful and useful, instead of what is exclusive, the Festival aims to involve on equal footing all relevant stakeholders in thinking about the development of public space. The creative spirit inspired by the project works towards gradual and rational, yet undeniable changes that can transform Zagreb on long-term basis and make it the front-runner of sustainable approach to culture, Ira Payer, creative director of the Festival, points out. 
The topic of Local Pathways came up naturally as the focal point of the Design District Zagreb 2018 Festival comprising exhibitions, lectures and performances that will take place at the premises of the deserted military hospital on Vlaška Street. For this part of the programme, DDZ has published a call for participation on its website open until the beginning of May for all initiatives treating authentic local topics and phenomena in a specific way, no matter whether such initiatives have already been realized as projects, are still being developed or will become positive future scenarios. This year, the Festival’s content, which usually attracts about 30 000 visitors and establishes collaboration with about 80 local partners organizing the programme at almost one hundred micro-locations, shall affirm a host of unutilized premises around the area of Zagreb’s Lower Town, with Martićeva Street as the lifeblood of that district.