New Oris



We have entered the year 2018, the year in which we are celebrating our 20th anniversary, with a brand new editorial concept of Oris magazine!

In the new Oris edition, we will continue publishing culturally relevant architectural projects, as well as interviews with both local and international architectural protagonists. With a greater number of smaller entries, our plan is to present more thoroughly the local architectural production. By introducing categories such as student’s projects and projects not realized, we plan to provide more space to high quality, but yet to be established architecture and new architectural practices. In addition to architecture, we will again present related issues from the broader cultural and artistic fields.  
New editorial concept is accompanied with a new design by our house designer Borjana Katić. New design establishes a dialogue with the previous one by keeping the contemporary visual language while introducing a more dynamic relationship in between the magazine’s entries, thus following the new concept. 
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