SmartFilmPlus – make your window smart



SmartFilmPlus is one of the earliest distributor engaged in researching, developing , producing and selling smart film and smart glass products for the global market. We commit ourselves to the field of architecture, windows, doors and glass in a wide range of different areas of application such as medicine, aircraft, boat, architecture, hotel, office, art, culture, industry and support them with our high quality smart film and smart glass as well.
Smartglass applies double-layered laminated glass technology. The dimming film is sandwiched between two pieces of specific glass and pressed together by high temperature in a special oven. Smartglass is widely used in space partitions, windows and doors, curtain walls, projection and other fields.
The most common function is privacy protection. You can transform the glass from opaque to transparent in no time. That allows architects and contractors to provide creative design concepts on demand.
Our high quality smartglass with EVA film can block sun solar energy, 99%UV, 98% IR rays, protecting your interiors fading and yellowing, protecting people in the interior from direct and harmfull sunlight as well as the noice.