The Third Birthday of Oris House of Architecture


On 31 January 2015, Oris House of Architecture opened its doors. The first exhibition presented to Zagreb’s audiences included the works of forty national and international architects who – already acquainted with the Oris magazine and the conference Days of Oris – decided to support our new initiative – a gallery space in the inner city centre focused not just on architectural exhibitions, lectures and workshops, but on wider cultural production. From that moment on, in the span of three years, Oris House of Architecture has found a place within the cultural net of our capital with its dynamic agenda and rich programme. The number of non-commercial cultural events has surpassed 200, including over 60 exhibitions. 
At the very beginning, Oris House of Architecture set a simple goal: to attract different types of audiences. Not motivated by a specific strategy, acting and reacting in a given moment, carefully listening to the suggestions of our visitors and friends. We have tried to create a balance, both interest- and generation-wise, to make out of our gallery a place to which people would gladly return. We have organized exhibitions of established names of older and mid generation, provided a visibility to younger practices and student projects. We have used our international friends to bring to Zagreb globally renowned architectural offices, but also those hidden gems and not very well known names from other places. Our program included contemporary art in all its media and conceptual richness, topics from the cultural history, film, literature, economy, ecology and so on. We have thus established numerous ties with local and international organizations and associations. Still, we hope that we are still at our very beginnings and that the best is yet to come. The space for additional improvements exists and we are ready to use it well. 
We want to once again thank you on your support and attention. See you all soon at our gallery!
Oris House of Architecture