The Unaligned - Week for People and Art


Lauba proudly presents: the first edition of The Unaligned – Week For People And Art, an art convention!.
What and who are the Unaligned?.
The Unaligned are powerful creative forces, they paint and draw, they sketch and erase, they sculpt and turn metal, they create wonders to make your life more beautiful. The most important names of the future together in one place.
The Unaligned are also: loud and the loudest Ivana and Mrle, Motovun Film Festival with their best movies, the best DJs. Even Valentino Bošković has sent an Epistle from Mars for all the Unaligned and everybody who feels Unaligned.
Plan your week with us, hook up and see what is happening on the vital and unaligned art scene.
This is just the beginning. The Unaligned are the new big thing in town. Align with the Unaligned. Follow us, read us, stay in touch, join us.
This May will be a month to remember!
For more about the event go to: