Visit TURN ON, Architecture Festival in Wien


The festival will be opened in the fifteenth year of its existence once again on Thursday 9th of March. For two and half days, it will offer an ambitious talks programme addressing a wide spectrum of topics.

The keynote talk by the architect Dietmar Feichtinger (Paris/Vienna) on Friday is the official opener of the festival. Dietmar Feichtinger speaks in his lecture on a controversy theme, due to the growth of European cities, stretching an arc from Paris to Vienna.

Just as in the previous year, a dense programme of talks held between Thursday and Saturday puts a focus on central issues of contemporary architecture development. The programme line TURN ON PARTNER focuses on the interface between economy and architecture and addresses specific aspects and developments within construction. Continuing its tradition, TURN ON presents the most ambitious buildings in and from Austria and puts a spotlight on most significant national and international architecture. In 2017, the special guests of the Saturday’s programme come from Zurich, Paris and London.

TURN ON PARTNER is a Think-Tank which explores the many aspects of contemporary complex construction. The construction process is evolving more and more nowadays while at the same time the interface between economy and architecture is gaining more importance. During the talks the participants discuss and present many different topics concerning the interaction of various disciplines and points of view.

It’s a platform which puts a spotlight on the multitude of requirements for construction and its backgrounds. Here renowned national and international companies are given the opportunity to present ambitious topics and innovative developments. To round up the programme line, the invited architects present their own views on the respective topics and provide advanced examples for reference.

TURN ON PARTNER facilitates and encourages the creative interactive processes between different sectors. The festival visitors can expect high quality dialogues held between leading company representatives and selected currently well-established architects.

Some of this year’s architect speakers:

· Helen & Hard – Reinhard Kropf, Partner, Norwegen
· Foster + Partners – Paul Kalkhoven, Senior Partner, London
· 3XN – Audun Opdal, Partner, Kopenhagen
· Dekleva Gregoric Arhitekti – Tina Gregoric, Laibach
· Pichler & Traupmann Architekten – Hannes Traupmann, Wien
· Studiovlay – Bernd Vlay, Wien
· Freimüller Söllinger Architektur – Regina Freimüller-Söllinger, Wien
· Werner Neuwirth Architekt – Werner Neuwirth, Wien
· Hertl Architekten – Gernot Hertl, Steyr
· Soma – Martin Oberascher

Thematic key topics:

- Housing: the terraced settlement in wood
- The large form in the urban environment
- Designs for the city expansion
- Housing and open space
- Housing and revitalisation
- Cost-effective residential construction
- Public space respectively open space
- Town centers
- Educational buildings
- Infrastructur
- Transcultural building

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