Contemporary Croatian Architecture: Testing Reality

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text authors Kenneth Frampton, Vedran Mimica, Maroje Mrduljas, Ana Silovic, Vladimir Mattioni, Helena Paver Njirić, Dafne Bere, Luciano Basauri, Feđa Vukić, Nikola Polak and Andrija Rusan
editor-in-chief Maroje Mrduljaš
dim. 260 x 210 x 44 mm, 660 p.
language Croatian / English

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These texts about contemporary Croatian architecture assembled under the title "Testing reality" are based on the view that social circumstances significantly influence architectural practice, in which social reality is reflected in turn. This relationship produces phenomena that describe the context in which architectural practice is formed, as well as the cultural, social, utilitarian and other effects of architecture on social reality. Architectural achievements are considered within the framework of available material and intellectual potentials, as well as of the specific need that the construction fulfills. 

- from the text by Maroje Mrduljaš

publisher Arhitekst
for the publisher Virdžinia Zubović
project authors Maroje Mrduljaš, Vedran Mimica, Andrija Rusan
editor-in-chief Maroje Mrduljaš
executive editor Ana Šilović
research associate Tamara Zamelli
editor assistant Dubravka Jancic
layout and graphics Studio Rašić, Ante Rašić, Lovorka Decker
Zagreb, 2007.



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