#Voncimer – is a typical Zagreb slang word.

The German word Wohnzimmer means "living room", "large sitting room." In Zagreb form it is written the same as pronounce – Voncimer.

The restaurant is located in a multicultural cosmopolitan space of ORIS House architecture where the international exhibitions and events are held every week.

And if the ORIS gallery – a place to discover the contemporary world of art, the restaurant offers to get acquainted with #modern world cuisine.

The best Croatian products in dishes of France and Ukraine, Italy and Morocco, England and Asia.

The concept of world cuisine in restaurant Voncimer is introduced by #chef Kostiantyn Lukianenko who has 15 years experience in creating dishes of various world cuisines and offers you sophisticated flavours derived from simple ingredients.

The drinks we also collected from all over the world. Our #digestives (Madeira, Armagnac, sherry, bourbon, rum...) will accompany you on a journey to the world cuisine.

There is One nice BUT: the wine list is mostly presented #Croatian wines. Because Croatia produces really good wines. And we are proud to offer you the most interesting of them.