Fundermax Worktops




Fundermax Worktops

The perfect combination of design and functionality in the kitchen.

As a central element of every kitchen, the worktop shapes the character of the entire room and has to do more than just impress with its looks. Fundermax worktops stand out as they are highly resilient, easy to clean and extremely durable. Thanks to their surface quality, they prevent the spread of bacteria. The high pressure laminates (HPL) can be processed with millimeter precision.

 At 12 mm, they are extremely thin, yet can be processed with millimeter precision and look very elegant despite their robustness.

Did you know that Fundermax worktops are designed with the anti-fingerprint effect?

Panel: Fundermax worktops are duromer high-pressure laminate panels (HPL) in accordance with EN 438 and are produced in laminate presses under great pressure and high temperature. Due to their high scratch and abrasion resistance as well as high impact resistance and resistance to high temperatures, Max Compact panels are ideally suited for horizontal use as a worktop. Another advantage of these panels is the hygienically sealed, pore-free, closed surface made of melamine resin that is very easy to clean and is particularly resistant to many chemicals. Max Compact worktops are ideal for the installation of undercounter sinks and flush stovetops.

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