Experience Spaces for Children

architects Fasch & Fuchs Architekten
project Kindergarten Wolkersdorf, Wolkersdorf, Austria
written by Franziska Leeb


The Viennese architects Fasch & Fuchs (Hemma Fasch and Jacob Fuchs) have repeatedly designed buildings which cater for the needs of children. In the case of the Graz Children’s Museum, the school for children with special needs in Schwechat, south of Vienna, as well as of the school complex in Carinthian Feldkirch—they always produced attractive, modern spaces, suitable for learning, and instructional models of spatial experiences. With a lot of feeling for the needs of young children, they completed the project of the new kindergarten in Wolkersdorf, a small town south of Vienna, as an environment that stimulates young users.


The new building is located on a major axis of urban development along which several schools are located. In the immediate vicinity of the site is a high school, a work by Architektur Consult (Günther Domenig, Herman Eisenköck, Herfried Peyker), completed in 2003. Architect Hemma Fasch considers that it was clear from the very outset that a dialogue with the huge volume of this school was not possible. Therefore, with their two-storey building, they did not even try to compete with the latter school.