The Szczecin Philharmonic Hall: Mies van der Rohe Award Winner



The  Szczecin  Philharmonic  Hall  is  the  Winner  of  the European  Union  Prize  for  Contemporary  Architecture – Mies  van  der  Rohe Award 2015  that the  European  Commission  along  with  the Fundació  Mies  van  der  Rohe have announced today.
The  Emerging  Architect  Prize  has  been  awarded  to  the  Catalan  studio ARQUITECTURA-G for their work Luz House, a single-family house born from the transformation of an existing structure in the Spanish town of Cilleros.

The winning project, the Philharmonic Hall Szczecin, Szczecin, Poland, Barozzi/Veiga (Studio A4 collaborator) is the winning entry of an international open competition for the design of a new complex on the site of the old one. Public expectations charged the program not only with a number of integrated functions – a large hall for symphonic music and a smaller one for chamber music, a grand foyer with upper level exposition spaces – but also with a new symbolic role. The series of pitched gables which crowns the rectangular complex of the new building dialogues well with the silhouette of the nearby Castle.   

The main symphony hall one is clad by triangular wooden acoustic panels gilded with gold leaf. A large hall with the cafeteria and two grand open stairs take the role of a new covered square in the cold seasons, while multi-functional rooms wrap around the concert halls, offering new chances for cultural and leisure events.       

This winning project finds a convincing formal and spatial strategy for a city which strives for a better future in a fast changing economy and social patterns, delivering a dignity to urban life and the same time enhancing the city’s  specific historical identity with a contemporary monument.

Find out more about the prize here.