Design District Architecture Walks


Oris House of Architecture, as part of the Festival Design District Zagreb, to be held from June 16th to 19th, is organizing guided architecture walks concentrated in the central urban zone whose artery is Martićeva Street.

Guided walks are designed for those who want to know more about the architectural works that surround us. We will recall the typology of rental house and visit locations such as residential and office building of Autocentar Company (so-called Wooden Skyscraper), Medveščak health center, Zagreb stock exchange building, residential block in Laginjina Street and other important buildings that marked the modernist architecture of Zagreb.

Guided tours will be held twice a day, 10-11 am and 18-19 pm during the Festival Design District Zagreb, 16 to 19 June 2016.

Guides taking us through the "neighborhood" are architect Vera Grimmer, also editor-in-chief of Oris magazine, Divna Antičević, programme manager of Oris House of Architecture and architects David Kabalin and Luka Korlaet.

Meeting point: Trg Hrvatskih velikana 3
Note: Applications are required
The application should be sent to stating:
- Name of the program to which you are applying (architectural guides)
- The preferred time
- Name and surname
- Telephone and email contact
- Special Notes