Jagoda Buić I 2015/2016



The exhibition of Jagoda Buić titled Triptych Squared will open on Monday, 16 of May, in Oris House of Architecture at 20 p. m.

Jagoda Buić is one of the most distinctive, internationally acknowledged and affirmed Croatian artists, a winner of, among many others, Grand Prix at the Biennale of São Paulo, of Herder Prize in Vienna, UNESCO’s Award for Contemporary Arts; she has exhibited at the Biennale of Venice for three times.

As Tonko Maroević has written in the catalogue of the exhibition:

The exhibition in Oris House of Architecture is an opportunity for us to at least outline the new phases and series of Jagoda Buić, to examine the most typical examples of different parts of her work, and it is especially convenient that this is happening in the domain of architecture, that is, in the thinking and acting within a space because her work implies a dialogue with the walls, floors and ceilings, it implies a relation with a human measure and tradition of ambiance.

And Jagoda Buić underlines:

Art is like a subterranean river with its own course. I believe in its cosmic charge.

The core of the exhibition is Triptych Oris – a sculptural composition that can be seen through three window openings of the gallery. These three elements act as the protagonists in space and in part reflect the spirit of large installations out of heavy weaving, which the artists is especially known for. Large socially aware collages and sculptures made out of old iron will be displayed as well.

The projects includes the second exhibition in HDLU, Bačva Gallery (Trg žrtava fašizma 16), which will open on Tuesday, 24 of May, at 8 p. m., displaying the collages made out of paper and iron.

On this occasion, at 7 p. m., on the corner of Žrtve Fašizma Square and King Držislav Street, the sculpture In memory of Bernardo Bernardi will be revealed.

It is worth noting that all works on view have been created only recently, at the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.

Interview with Jagoda Buić which was published in Oris 96 can be found here.

Jagoda Buić was born in Split. She attended the Academy of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb and Art History at the University of Zagreb. She graduated with honours at the Academie für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna. She studied set designing for movies at Cinecittà in Rome and History of Costume at Centre delle Arti e delle Costume at Palazzo Grassi in Venice.

She has realized more than 120 projects as a costume and set designer for operas, ballets, dramas and movies in different countries. Her artistic approach to the theatre consists in the insistence on large spacial realizations with vanguard spirit, and the interest in myth and the classical world.

In 1965 she created her first textile form in space, immediately bought by Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam. Since than she has been showing her monumental installations in the international biennale exhibitions (São Paulo, Venice, Laussane) and in the most important museums of the world  Her works may be found in many public and private art collections (Metropolitan Museum, New York, Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris, etc.). Jagoda Buić is the only Croatian artists awarded with the Grand Prix at the Biennale of Contemporary Art in São Paulo.

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