ARTUR: Space and Tourism Potentials of Continental Croatia



The final ARTUR conference will be held in Oris House of Architecture, in Zagreb on June 9th 2015, Zagreb.
Zagreb Society of Architects (DAZ) initiated the programme ARTUR - Architecture and Tourism through workshops and a round table which was held during the REXPO Fair in April 2012 and April 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia. The topics covered included Architecture as a Tourist Product, and Architecture and Strategic Investments in Tourism.
ARTUR – architecture and tourism is a programme with long term goals aimed at overcoming existing deficiencies and problems related to space and tourism.
The architectural profession opens up a range of issues related to tourism development strategy and architecture in tourist areas as a whole to encourage sustainable and year-round tourism.
ARTUR aims at including all of the stakeholders in the process of urban development and architecture, as well as cultural and natural resources of the region, in the programme.
ARTUR explores, examines, and evaluates the relationship between space/architecture and tourism:
- the role of architecture and urban planning in developing Croatian tourism,
- the influence of tourism on planning, building, and protecting space, economic, social and cultural development of towns and regions, revitalization and renewal of cultural heritage and architecture
- development of tourism, investments in planning and strategies of management over Croatian territory, legal framework in managing Croatian tourist areas.
The role of tourism in the overall Croatian economy is of utmost importance. The potential of Croatian tourism is still not fully recognized and it is therefore necessary, to find ways to engage the available resources and focus on creating better, more efficient, sustainable and distinctive tourism products, services and offers.
This final conference will present: documentation, experiences and conclusions with regard to workshops organised; lectures and discussion based on workshop experiences and conclusions; promotion of ARTUR network and assignment of ARTUR Awards for best practices.
Project Manager: Iva Rukavina
Programme Committee: Andrea Ilijanić, Sunčana Rapaić, Aleksandra Uhernik Đurđek, Ana Mrđa
Organizing Committee: Vesna Vrga Perović, Ana Marendić, Davorka Perić
Strategic partners: Institute for Tourism and the Green Building Council of Croatia
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