Vora: Shared Identities in Belgrade



The exhibition Shared Identities by the Catalan architecture studio Vora, was opened on Saturday, 31 March, at Kolektiv gallery in Belgrade.  
The exhibition, curated by Jelena Prokovljević and the architects, proposes a reflection on the construction of the identity of common spaces based on the work of the architects. It focuses on common spaces, public or private, as spaces that articulate the use and generate different relations between the individual, the collective and the physical background.
Vora studio is known for their work on different scales: from redefinition of public spaces, some of them with an important symbolic value, to small private enclosure. All the interventions share the sensibility for the material traces of the past as the starting point for the generation of the project's narrative, which emerges necessarily complex and enriched by the different interpretative layers. Memory of the place as well as the memory of the use, collective or individual, are used as tools in the design process. 
The exhibition will be on view until 18 April 2018.

To find out more about the exhibition go to: https://www.kolektivarhitekata.com/